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It's been a while since we last met our fantasies, meet in the cafeteria, before returning home and enjoy our bodies. Sex has been good, but now it's your turn for a fantasy, what will 4porn I do not know. I'm home from work, you have to make at home all evening, they can only dream. Then I went through our house, where she is walking, I hear the shower running, I move down the stairs. Wait, give me a kiss on the cheek, and directs me to the shower, I do. I dry, and my way into our bedroom, where she waits for me. The curtains are drawn, dim light of candles is is the bed, naked except for the 4porn last sheet. She is standing, dressed in black Basque, narrow at the waist, but exploded in the bust, exposing her creamy white breasts, with a hint of nipple height above the black tip. Black strapless Sox remained hanging from the bottom of the Basque Country, matching black thong. At the same time to show me, then I approve. The contrast of black andgainst the cream color of your skin, especially the black seal of the keys to her firm white ass is best shown by a chain belt barely covered her butt. When he turns to me again I see something in his hand. She smiles and shows me a blindfold on. Is it for you ? Not for me. Gently blindfold off me, then takes me to the bed. My mind is going crazy waiting for things to come. The senses are heightened by the lack of vision, but do not know what will happen. I lie on 4porn my back, and feel the movement in the bed before she gently kissed my lips. It tastes sweet and fresh, her lips brushing against mine, his tongue smoothly around the outside of the mouth. She moves down my neck, and placed in the ear, sending a shower of joy in my body. I feel his hot breath is moving lower, a kiss on my body, continuing through my nipple, again sending a shower of joy in my body before it was even lower. I feel his breath on my hardness,pain in anticipation. Then a heat on, I sigh with pleasure as his tongue circling the town on my mouth hanging length. She moves rhythmically up and down my shaft before his tongue along. 4porn I feel his tongue circling my bag, to mock me in ecstasy. She walks away, but tells me not to move or are looking for. I do as instructed. She returns a few minutes later, and I hear 4porn a buzzing noise. I'm fascinated by what it is, but I know how your vibrator slightly the length of my penis, sending shock waves through small. Gently take my helmet before the break at the top, your vibration is moving my hardness, my body shakes, it stops. Once again I have moisture in your mouth until I move, who knows my 4porn taste, touch, and then returns to taunt me with the vibrator, moving up and down the length of the back and around the town before again be wrapped me in the mouth. It moves my body hard for me a kissthe lips. I feel a cold at the end of your finger circles my nipple. Cold and wet, but no. Then he licks and sighs in approval, offers his finger to my lips. I'm very bad, the sweet taste of a jam, as well, but thinner. That circles back to my other nipple with the movement of the fabric, then hand in the abdomen, lying on my helmet and down my length. I know what lies ahead. gently licks my nipples, before entering the mouth and suck the sweet, heavy sigh. He moved back to my abdomen and I'm licking the sweet substance of me, sighing and slurping at the same time. She opens her mouth and takes me inside, drawn, on the move again, setting a steady rhythm that shakes me, I sucked the sweetness of my when I need to shore, 4porn and soon the sweetness of her syrups have been met as a I sprayed my hot come in her mouth. He takes off his blindfold off and see a squeezy bottle of honey in his hand, kisses me back, hands and Ithe bottle and blindfolded. It's your turn. is found in the bed and blindfolded. I'm not saying goes, and I'm going to look for things you want. She is intrigued when you thought it would only take honey and my mouth that later but first. I'm going with my team, or give instructions not to move your to join her in bed and kiss gently, I work prepared by the mouth of his neck, the neck, teasing the tip of her erect nipples. I move through the fabric of her black thong less teasing, pushing my tongue against her pubis. She sighed and opened the back arched, legs, I'll 4porn get my tongue web tease, I like 4porn to do this. She lifts the bottom of the bed, and I pull her panties, savoring the musky odor free. I am in the foam, which gently prepare your belly massage. She wants to know what I'm doing, I say to the peace and quiet, and not to touch the blindfold off. I put three fingers inpull her pubic hair, in the foam creates a template for my razor. She is very quiet now, as I shave them, make sure you start cutting your skin soft. I bring up the template I made to shave, so a hair over his opening statement in his stomach. I had it with a hot towel before gently rub the cream on the shaved area. She complains now, like a gentle massage all over, from time to time passed over her clit, sending 4porn shivers through her body. pick up the discarded vibrator, turn it on and start moving over your stomach, muscle tension, as it approaches, then send vibrations through your body. She moans again, as I move toward the pubis, near the teasing, but not touching her clitoris. Of soft rock and the lower lip, being careful not to push the probe mock vibration. I put my head and licked his lips, in competition with the vibrator for your attention. My tongue moves between his lips, savoring its sweet as she moans moistureI stick my tongue in your step, move around, before continuing to tease her clitoris. She moans as I start to gently probe her vagina with the tip of the vibrator while licking his lips, the hydration of the hole, making it easier for them to take their length. I slide the vibrator and move on to her clit sucking, then shook his tongue as I care and constant motion, the vibrations from it. I can feel the orgasm inside your building, I like licking and sucking still mock our complete relaxation of the vibrator around his lips before going down to push back against her G-spot, adding that the growing tension in it. She arched her back, pressed against me as a blush spread across 4porn his division in the neck to stretch your hands, as her orgasm broke it. I continued to lick, but gently, as she begins to fall now, our joy, relief of the vibrator and discard. We kissed again, and your taste orwn juice me, before ripping the band and pushed me back onto the bed. leg changes in my body, and is urgently looking for my masculinity and impaled himself on his toughness, much of their actions, as do the breasts from the confines of the Basque Country, the bite on 4porn her nipples, and let my tongue around her erect posture. My hands smoothing her legs fixed storage bare buttocks. Compression of the shortage of them, before returning 4porn to the softness of stockings. His actions and sounds become more pressing as press hard against me, before going down to my height, then firmly screw eyes with pleasure. I can not much more than this, try to slowly, but do not want, it's too late to worry. She leaned her head and moans as she is a broken back from her orgasm, 4porn her inner muscles tightening in me and what my own orgasm exploded in her. Milking me rock me gently bent to kiss my lips agmaking fun of tongue piercing ain to mine. We stayed with her ​​impaled on my manhood softening, but with ourselves in this position. I can run my hands over her legs tighten your ass back in gratitude.
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